Fidly – An innovative loyalty program

Fidly is a marketing platform to create loyalty programs for merchants, franchises and smart cities

Fidly is winner of the FinTech Finance Innovation label

A unique app for merchants, cities and clients

Marketplace of offers in a dedicated app

All offers from your favorite merchants in your dedicated loyalty app.


Your loyalty cards in your pocket

Save your loyalty cards and use them quickly and easily in shops.

Points trade, Gift & conversion

Thanks to Fidly, no more lost or unused points !

Give and trade your points with your close relations so they get the best deals

Innovative solution for businesses to create traffic in shops

Make your loyalty program a powerful and smart marketing tool. True digital wallet, our application is a dedicated loyalty solution. Your customers add rewards up, dematerialize their cards and trade their points in a dedicated ecosystem. No more lost or expired points.

Your loyalty program

Spread the loyalty program out that suits you best and quickly include it into your checkout system.

Spread your offers

Put all your communication & marketing efforts in a single dedicated platform for merchants.

Reward your clients

Hand your points, stamps, vouchers, gift cards out to your customers when they go through the checkout.


An innovative rewarding program to revitalize shops in town

Support your shops

Digitalize shops in your town thanks to a virtuous rewarding program.  

Boost your city

Gather your citizen around a unique local currency that can only be used in associated shops of your city.

Create a virtuous ecosystem

Federate an entire area and its businesses in a unique, thriving and shared ecosystem that benefits everyone. Spread a circular economy model out.

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