The complete marketing tool for merchants

Create your customized loyalty program for merchants and significantly increase your customer relationship and your revenues thanks to our marketing solution Fidly !

Fidly is winner of the FinTech Finance Innovation label

The affordable marketing accessible for merchants

Fidly is an all-in-one marketing platform for commitment, allowing you to centralize all your marketing efforts in one place while being affordable for local businesses.

Create your loyalty program

Create your loyalty program with points, stamps or join a shared program between merchants and take on our communication tools to boost your business!


The probability of selling to a current customer

Average basket up to 10 times as much as their 1st purchase

6 times more expensive to attract a new customer than to keep them


Increased customer loyalty rate generates an increase of 30% in the company value.

How to spread Fidly out in my business ?

An integration in less than 10 minutes !

Our solution is reserved for just as small shops as franchise networks. The tool was created to be easily accessible thanks to an easy integration.

Your loyalty program

Program with points :

Create your program with points. Créez votre programme de fidélité à points. 1€ spent is equivalent to 1 point by default.

Program with stamps :

Your customers add stamps up at each checkout. After 10 passages = an offer or a discount.

Shared loyalty program :

You will join a loyalty program in association with other merchants in your city, you will have the same points that can be used in each of the partner shops.

Spread out all your offers

Communication in your reach :

Spread out your offers in an instant by e-mail, SMS, and notifications in one click from your merchant platform thanks to our powerful marketing tools.

Your customers will receive them on their smartphone and will be able to enjoy them immediately by going to your store.

Reward all your customers

Raward your regular customers through your program :

Winning your customers’ loyalty is a major asset for your business. The best way to do so is to reward them. You will significantly increase your customer satisfaction and grow your revenue !

Email campaign, a significant marketing channel

Emailing is a straight significant marketing channel in a growth strategy, which makes it a pillar of your business and in your customer loyalty process.

Communicate your offers by email with Fidly

Don’t leave yourself without distribution channel with an average deliverability of 25%, that makes it a communication channel that should not be overlooked.

Email campaign choice has several benefits

Target customers of your choice but also be in control of given information and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Thanks to our marketing and emailing tools, you will not fail to grow your business and boost your revenue.

Create marketing campaigns

Create marketing campaigns and newsletters thanks to our powerful drag and drop email editor, creating and sending email has never been so quick and easy!

This will allow you to have a more customized and individualized approach with your customers in order to maximize your deliverability and your opening rate!


68% of Millenials maintain that e-mails had an effect on their purchase decision.

gif créer mail marketing commerçants

SMS, a powerful marketing lever

The marketing SMS

Communication by SMS is a strategic marketing lever that allow you to reach quickly all your customers.

We offer two types of texting :


Acquisition SMS

Acquire new customers through our marketing platform. Capture new prospects, select your interest and geographical area, and that’s all there is to it.

Creating loyalty SMS

Use your customer database for your creating loyalty strategy and send SMS to efficiently pass on your current offers or information related to your business.

Communicating with your customers by SMS is a very effective distribution channel for generating in-store traffic and increasing the value of your customers.


téléphone sms marketing


70% of people react to the receiving of an SMS offering them a discount


95% is the average opening rate of an SMS campaign

Stand out thanks to notifications

Mobile or push notifications are messages sent to the user from a mobile application and they allow you to pass on information about your current products or services in order to involve your customers.

gif notification marketing smartphone

A highly large deliverability

All your customers will receive instantly the notification on their smartphones.

A improved customer relationship

Sending notifications is a great way to build customer loyalty by sending them your offers on a daily basis.

Revive inactive clients

Sending notifications revives all inactive customers by offering them appropriate discounts.

Our whole software suite !

Merchant management backoffice

Your dedicated platform available 24 hours a day with the record of your loyalty points in circulation.

Statistical analysis of your customer data with the ability to add customers to your program and hand your points out.

A centralized communication

Communicate locally thanks to geolocated discounts in our customer APP and contact your customers by mails, SMS, and notifications to promote your offers.

Your dedicated app

A mobile application with a modern and refined wallet for your customers as well as your mobile application for merchants to debit & credit loyalty points.

Our partner merchants

An easy use and quick integration into my checkout system, I recommend it to all merchants !

Emilie manager of Novaskin in Levallois-Perret.

I swaped my paper discount cards which worked through a stamp system. This is much more convenient, and I can create my clients’ accounts myself. “It is a sensible evolution of my loyalty offer”.

Audrey, manager of La Fabrique bakery in Levallois-Perret

When the first cheese shop opened 3 years ago, we were quickly asked for a loyalty program.

Clara, manager of two La Mère Michel cheese shops in Levallois-Perret.