Why all companies should use Fidly’s blockchain reward program  ?

Loyalty Program has been a common marketing solution for years implemented in many companies.

Did you know Fidly’s Blockchain rewards programs can offer you the disruptive opportunity to help reduce costs, bring more participants and give agility and powerful retention through your loyalty program.

  • Firstly,cost efficiency :


Loyalty program transaction costs Billions nowadays to companies using loyalty program. At Proofeo we believe Blockchain delivers high efficiency improvements for loyalty program from both transactional and customer acquisition points of view. 

  • Secondly redeem your points :

From a customer point of view it is hard and sometimes impossible to redeemed points. In facts, some programs are suffering from a lake of transparency. But the fact is customers got numerous programs with too many accounts (In france a consumer got an average of 16 rewards programs without knowing it). Above all, there is no transparency on the expiration date of points, and usually points expired before usued. At Proofeo we are guest centric, our goal is to give numerous options to consumers, to increase guest satisfaction and purchases cross program. This way we make it profitable for companies and clients.

With Fidly’s blockchain loyalty solution, find out how to be successful in a client-centric loyalty business.

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