Support local business through a citizens’rewarding program!


Are you a city, territory, association ?

Fidly is an all-in-one solution that revitalizes local business by digitizing businesses in your city in order to create a virtuous economy that incites local purchases.

Fidly is winner of the Finance Innovation FinTech label

A committed community at the heart of a circular economy

Fidly is an all-in-one platform allowing to create a citizens’ rewarding program thanks to a local digital currency that can be only spent at local merchants and partners.

It allows communities and cities to grow local business through a citizens’ program by creating virtuous spending paths and giving powerful rewards to its citizens.


People in favor of a citizens’ loyalty program that rewards virtuous behaviors.

A citizen rewarding program for my city with Fidly

Let’s revive consumption together in the businesses of your city and give purchasing power to your citizens. Create traffic in stores in your city or region with our dedicated Fidly application for Customers, Merchants & Cities.

Promote the digital change of businesses with Fidly by speeding their digitalization up and by creating a unique rewards program.

An opportunity for communities

Create traffic in your city

Let’s grow business in the city center together thanks to a powerful and smart citizens’ reward program.

Let’s create a virtuous ecosystem together

Unite a whole territory and its businesses in a unique, thriving and shared ecosystem that benefits everyone. Spread a circular economy model out.


Citizens want the city to credit and supply loyalty points when consuming locally.


People want to use a local digital currency for their local purchases.

Your local digital currency

Create your city currency that can only be used in partner shops and send it transparently out again by inciting your citizens to consume locally.

Subsidize businesses

Stop enduring the COVID-19 crisis, be resilient and take action by revitalizing your city with our citizens’ rewarding program!

Revitalize your city

Encourage local businesses

Each merchant can join their city’s program in only 5 minutes and start rewarding their customers and your citizens.

Recruit your citizens

Unite the citizens of your city around your rewarding program.

Be transparent & Boost your city

Analyze the given rewards, visualize the areas of high traffic and the generated commitment. Show your citizens the added value of your solidarity actions and bring transparency to transactions thanks to our unique technology.

Reward virtuous behaviors


Your program on our all-in-one platform

The Fidly platform allows you to track the performance of your citizens’ program thanks to a live dashboard.

Reward the citizens

Citizens with virtuous behaviors will be directly awarded rewards through your dashboard and / or our dedicated APP

Spread your local currency out

A city economy on the single platform

The inhabitants of the city download the Fidly application on their smartphones in order to benefit from the discounts of partner merchants & cities.

Merchants linked to the city program download the dedicated mobile application in order to debit and credit points or grant rewards.

The allocated currency will be only spent at local partner merchants.

How to spread Fidly out in my city ?

Fast integration which can be connected to your current technological frame ! Merchants who have access to a dedicated and customized management user interface.

Your city currency

Creation of your city loyalty program

Gather your local partner merchants around your city program.

Setting up of your local currency

When your citizens will spend money in shops affiliated with the program, then they will receive your local city currency in the form of rewards.

Your partner merchants

A unique community of merchants

Merchants in your city join the city program and can also create their own program in five minutes only.

Reward virtuous behaviors

Reward your city citizens through your program :

The city rewards civic behavior by crediting points on Fidly users’ accounts.

The citizens spend points only in local partner shops.